East 4th Street - Manhattan

As many people in New York know, East 4th Street in Manhattan is one of those amazing places where culture and urban life come together to blend in a beautiful mix nobody should miss. 

Some time ago I was on that street as I was asked to shoot one of the theater shows dress rehearsals to make the material for a play's promotion. I had some time to spare as I was waiting my friends' play to start so I walked down the E 4th street and made some pictures that reflect that cultural life no many people are aware of. 

If you want to know what is on just go to their websites:

Please go now and then to those websites and check what is on... more importantly, go to the theater. 

Personal Project - B&W New York - View from the Manhattan Bridge

Brooklyn fascinates me as a place that has been left behind for decades, so close to Manhattan, but always with a strong sense of identity regarding whatever everyone else thought about it.

Nowadays the Brooklyn I am talking about seems to be disappearing with the gentrification. However, Brooklyn fights back and its spirit is still there, hidden in the small things, in the open, in its people.

This is what this series is about. I hope to see this little things that made Brooklyn what it is and was.

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A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to work with a fine young man whose dreams are flying high. As a model and actor he is learning his craft, and knocking all the right doors. I hope they open fast enough so Kevin with his talent and ethics can show them in this crazy New York of ours. I wished him the best of lucks then and now.

Looking at his pictures I found this little gems I missed in the original cut. 

The original best pictures of that sessions are the ones below. It was really fun to play with this characters. I think that they also show the potential Kevin has as an actor. 

(click on the thumbnails to open the full resolution picture)

New York Actor Sully Bonnelly - Headshots

Theater is still my first love and after watching Yoleros by Alex Vásquez Escaño and directed by Martin Balmaceda I have the opportunity to meet a young amazing actor called Sully Bonnelly. Well, it wasn't too much later that I heard that head shots was in his to-do list, so we set up a date and after that everything was easy. The pictures below are just a sample of what this head shot session was about.

As usal I work with a two final versions of each picture: color and black & white.

La Bella Monty on the top of the city!

How easy is to make pictures when your model is funny, beautiful and committed. Monty is that and more. I hope to carry on working with her in the future. This shoot was made in one of the thousand rooftops in Brooklyn, New York. 

For those asking, yes I did retouch the pictures in photoshop mainly using two high end retouching techniques: Frequency separation and Dodge & Burn. 


I processed the same picture in Black & White below as I like the tonality coming from the attempt. 

Monty - Black & White