Who Am I?

You know that when something gets to you it is quite hard to stop it. You know when what you are about to experience is going to change the course of your life. That happened to me when almost three years ago I bought a DSLR camera.

My family was never into photography. I mean into taking pictures. My parents had a small Kodak Fiesta that was always left behind when we departed for vacations to realize late that we didn't have the camera with us. So there are very few pictures of my sisters and I from the time we were kids. However we loved a routine: whatever small number of pictures we took we had that all diapositive projector to watch them against a dirty clear color wall. 

I think that this late but new passion for photography came from that past, I would say, in the shape of revenge. Now I tried to take pictures everyday, of everything, moving or still. It is like trying to catch up for the missing shots.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a few years ago, too many to remember, too many to count and care. Twenty years ago I left my country of origin to London. That experience, those 12 years there, needless to say, changed me dramatically. The need to capture every instant took me to shoot with an old Canon AE-1.

 I had no idea what I was doing and it never caught my attention to make me learn. Still, I needed to take some pictures and shared them with my family. England, as many of you know, must be on of the most photogenic place in earth, not to mention Paris, which became one of my main cities to travel too. Finally, a few years ago, I made it to New York. The place shouts "photography". It is like "if you don't take a picture here you will never do". So here I am, with a new vocation I never thought I would find, a bet to a new life behind the lens. 

Life gives you the chance to reinvent yourself. So why not to take this opportunity and make something about it.

The inspiration came from different nooks. I mentioned the cities I love to shoot, but that is not enough. People like Joe McNally, Peter Hurley, Zack Arias, Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, and many others have made the internet a perennial and never-ending source of information and formation for any photographer longing to dig into this profession/lifestyle.

I want to add that I wouldn't be writing this if a great photographer that happens to be my friend, Nahuel Berger (http://www.nahuelberger.com/), would have jumped to teach me some of the basic tools required to start this new business of mine. 

Dan, my great friend has also been there with his ear and good advice all along deserves an special mention due to his oriental patience and restraint.

To them and all of you who encourage me to go for this new photographic passion: Thank you.