Every actor and actress need a powerful portfolio for a successful audition. Casting directors expect to see a wide range of emotions in the head shots.  A headshot session normally lasts between 1 and 2 hours and you can choose to do it either on location or in studio. 

I always like to meet in advance to discuss the type of pictures you would like, to discuss how the shooting will be and of course just have a coffee and a nice chat. We are humans, aren't we?


Hair/Makeup for the session is normally required for most of women although that is not always the case for men. I don't provide a stylist or a makeup artist (yet) so feel free to bring your own to the session if required. 

For guys who have a decent scruff and want to include looks with and without facial hair in their portfolio, come in with some growth and we'll shoot until we're satisfied with the results. Then you can shave and we'll take more photos. If you want both looks, make sure to bring your razor, shaving cream and any other item you like to use for a clean shave.


Choose clothing that you are really comfortable wearing. Bring around 5 different options, although you won't necessarily use all of them. The clothing should be from different seasons to have a variety of textures and layers. Avoid crazy patterns however if you're crazy about that all in one plaid polka dot neon Hawaiian shirt pattern bring it and we can decide during the shooting if it will be good or not.



Do you need to have a good professional look for your social media profiles? I can offer your a photographic session where you can get a fantastic new look.


Professionals need a perfect picture for their corporate profile. We also need pictures of ourselves for business and personal cards, promotional leaflets and ads. I offer a photo service in studio to meet your needs for digital and print quality images.


Within 5 business days of a photo session you will receive by email a link to Dropbox or Google Drive that will show you the best pictures from the shoot.  Once you choose the best 3 pictures I will work on them to do a basic retouch. I normally complete the work within a week.

I retouch additional photographs for an additional $35 per image.

The selected pictures will be delivered in the standard JPEG format in both Color and Black & White. Also there will be two different files for each picture: a High Resolution (for a large printing) and another Low Resolution (to upload them in the web).  

I don't include image printing in the price but if you like me to print your images please let me know and I will write a quote for your requirements.

You are free to use these images for your personal use and self promotion, I will maintain the copyrights.



My in studio modelling/portrait session in studio rate is $350 plus tax per hour.  Once you are in front of my camera the session starts. A portrait session is 2 hours of shooting and includes reviews of the photos. You can do model, do head shots, family portraits, or anything else during the 2 hours. 


My portrait session on location includes an extra fee to cover the costs of traveling and equipment insurance. If the location is within New York City, there is a fee of $75 + tax per location in addition to the studio session cost.


Once you've had a modeling/portrait session with me you become eligible for a special 20% discount off your next session.   This is a new offer and is available to anyone that has ever shot a modeling/portrait session with me in the past.


A 1 hour session for kids 16 and under is $250 + tax. 

What to do next

Please contact me directly at +1 (347) 770 0489 or via email at for more information about my process, rates, locations, and to schedule a shoot. Your needs will be considered carefully.