Los Columpios (The Swings) - Written by Roger Simeon Directed by Julián J. Mesri

Gonzalo Bouza
María Cuartero
Nicole Betancourt

IATI Theater presents a story of a man and a woman avoiding what they must do: talk about themselves.
A man and a woman meet in a playground. What might seem like a chance meeting soon becomes fragmented dialogue of two people who know one another too well and who fear getting hurt. So they talk about everything and nothing in particular, anything to avoid talking about themselves or each other. 'Los Columpios' is an absurdist tragicomedy that delves into romantic relationships from a different perspective.

Another amazing work by Julian Mesri, you can still watch it until November 29th at the IATI Theater.

Enjoy some of the pictures I made for this production

The play has also being promoted using two of my pictures  in advance to the opening night.