Beecher's Fault's Concert at the Brooklyn Bowl

What an amazing night at the Brooklyn Bowl! Beecher's Fault made it again and this time bigger than ever.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to make some pictures for the band. The venue was the Rockwood Hall in the East Village. Although important as it is, Rockwood Hall is very small venue and at the time I thought that Beecher's Fault is a band for large spaces. 

During the last few months, Ken Lamken and I kept in touch with the intention of me engaging on more photo shoots during their live concerts. It didn't happen until now. It seemed the stars would play against me all the time and wouldn't align themselves to allow me to see them again.

But things happen for a reason. And the reason was that I have to wait all this time to eventually see this amazing group of musicians getting to the top level. The band has an amazing sound, "solid" (as we would say in Spanish). All of them are top notch music players. You don't listen this quality too often. 

My final thought: if this is type of life I have to put up with as a  photographer... what else do I need? :-)

Enjoy the pictures (and the band... the links to their site at the end)

Beecher's Fault playing at the Brooklyn Bowl on Wednesday January 27th, 2016 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

The Musicians at Beecher's Fault

Ben Taylor, Serge Ruccolo, Ken Lamken, Max Tholenaar-Maples, and Lauren Hunt (From left to right - click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture).

The Concert

Here are some of the pictures made during Beecher's Faut's Concert.

Beecher's Fault & its Audience

It was an amazing concert. I was there to capture this band playing in front of one of their largest audience ever. There were moments I forgot what I was there for and I found myself relaxed listening them playing! The audience was really engaged on their performance, you could see many of them, followers, dancing and singing along. 

If you want to know more about Beecher's Fault go to the Band's Website or go to Spotify to listen their music.

Of course you can see their future tour dates and what it is going on with the band at their Facebook's Page as well.

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View from the backstage at the last few minutes of the concert.

Good night!