Portfolio Update and further (important) news

Life is good, and for me specially thanks to photography. During the last few months I had the opportunity to do some travel photography, work with talented models, shoot theater plays and help actors and actresses to build their book. It has been an amazing experience but up to now I would have never though that it was going to change my life so dramatically as it have.

So much that I feel that I am going around a corner and Photography, that started as a pastime, became something big enough that doesn't allow me to ignore it anymore.

So the point is that today I am announcing that photography is my future and I am starting to develop my new career as a professional photographer. 

So here we are, moving in a completely new direction, taking a big step. So this is it: if you need a photographer, you now know who to call without further ado. Just click on "Contact Me" at the top right corner of this page. Let us start there and we will  discuss your photography needs at my earliest convenience. It could be to cover a family event, a head shot for your acting or model career, to promote your business in your website, to sell your car, even to improve that awful picture in Facebook or Twitter. I can be there to help you. 

To celebrate this new stage in life I have also updated my portfolio with new pictures taken lately.

Finally I am also including here what it is for me a special set of pictures. They are just a very small part of my latest project. During my last trip to Buenos Aires I had the huge pleasure to help my friends in El Brio Teatro to build up their books. More than 20 artists, all of them drama students, participated in a photography marathon posing in front of my camera. Here are four of the brave men and women that faced the challenge. I want to thank them all to be there and let me have fun.

Thank you all for reading. Have all a nice day.